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Villa Elena 2017

Villa Elena 2017

Alcohol content: 11.5%


Grape variety: 85% Pinot Gris, 15% Bacchus.


Organoleptic properties/sensory notes:


Straw of bright intensity. The nose reveals clear hints of wildflowers. In the mouth it is tasty, the taste is reinforced by a mix of freshness and subtle flavor well supported by an excellent alcohol content. Time will make him the champion of balance.


This pleasure in a bottle finds its match with creamy pasta and risotto dishes, delightful with fish and antipasti, also makes a splendid aperitif.


    Handpicked in boxes, de-stemmed and pressed with a screw press straight in the vineyard thanks to family and friends. The free run juice went into a french barrel. A slow fermentation undergoes at controlled temperature (12/14 C) which lasts for about 12-15 days. Maturation in barrel continues for six months. Rest in bottle for 2 months.


    In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase please contact us. We will come back to you as soon as possible. 


    Delivery for free locally, 10 miles radius from Horsham, West Sussex. Not sure you are local, contact us!

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